(Shah El Bey x RLN Britannia)

1996 Grey

AHA# - 535909

PARADA EL BEY, a 1996 Grey stallion by Shah El Bey out of RLN Britannia, carries out the heritage of AZRAFF-FERZON through his dam's sire GAI PARADA.

"Kool" was 2002 and 2003 USA Equestrian Top Ten Horse of the Year in BOTH Halter and Hunter. He has trained with George Z in Show Hack.

He sires babies with extreme head with teacup muzzle, prominent jibbah, large eye and jowel and fluid motion, high in knee and hock action. 

"Kool" also carries a bay gene and has sired a solid bay colt as well as dark charcoal grey.  Anyone seeking the Classic GAI PARADA/HBB/ BEY SHAH look have it all right here.

SCID and CA Clear
Sweepstakes Nominated Stallion


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